When it comes to saving money on utility bills, homeowners are always experimenting with new technology that makes it easier and more convenient. You might already own a smart thermostat, but what about smart vents? Are they as savvy an investment as they look like at first glance?

Heartland Heating & Cooling will help you with what you need to learn about smart air vents. You’ll be educated about advantages and drawbacks, and if installing smart vent technology to your house is a good decision.

What is a Smart Vent?

In most residences, your thermostat connects with your HVAC system to hold one temperature.

Smart HVAC vents grant much greater and more precise control, such as:

  • Noticing when someone is in a room through motion or proximity sensors.
  • Reaching different temperatures on a room-by-room basis.
  • Using motorized covers to open and close just how you want them to.

A smart vent system is more capable of redirecting airflow than just opening and closing registers by yourself.

Four Advantages of Using A Smart Home Vent System

Investing in smart home vents may feel like too much. But you’ll be surprised to find out there’s several different advantages to installing smart vents.

1. They Can Fix Hot and Cold Spaces

You often have a spot or room that’s not the right temperature. Smart vents can help push more airflow to these nuisance spots.

2. They Work with Other Smart Home Technology

We partner with trusted brands to provide you exceptional technology that can perform without help or be installed with current smart home systems.

Flair smart vents and Keen smart vents are a couple of the most popular brands. Here’s how they stack up with two popular smart thermostats.

  • If you have a Nest: Keen smart vents aren’t compatible, but they can function without it. Flair links with Nest via Google Assistant.
  • If you own an Ecobee: Flair and Keen are both usable with Ecobee via third-party apps.

3. You Can Control Them from Your Phone

Like other smart technology, all the major functions are available on an app for your phone. It might be time-consuming to move louvers on vents with your hand, especially if they’re up high. With a smart vent, you can adjust the temperature room-by-room rapidly and conveniently.

4. They’re Affordable

In general, zoning systems are generally much more expensive, because dampers are installed inside the ductwork. If you have a spacious residence, a home that’s under construction or has rooms that demand very distinct temps, a zoning system might be the perfect fit.

If you choose smart vents, you don’t need to replace all your vents with smart vents. If you have only one or two rooms with trouble spots, a smart vent can provide more control at a lower cost.

What Should I Know Before Choosing Smart Vents?

When installed right, smart vents could help you save money. They can also offer several other perks. Here are a couple you need to know when researching adding them to your house.

Smart Vents Help Lower Energy Costs in Des Moines, Iowa

In most cases, smart vent technology is less expensive than traditional equipment such as dampers or zoning. Smart vents can be noninvasively installed outside the ductwork, providing you more control and reduced mess. And if you manage your temperatures wisely, you could also save on overall heating and cooling expenses.

Smart Vents Are a Safe Solution

You may have been told that smart vent technology may be bad for your HVAC system. Contrary to what you’ve heard, changing or shutting a few vents won’t harm your furnace or air conditioner. When picking out a smart vent, we suggest going with a manufacturer with a consistent record of safety and customer satisfaction.

Heartland Heating & Cooling Can Help You Select Smart Vents

There are lots of brands on the market today, so picking the best smart vent can seem overwhelming at first. Particularly when some brands work better with certain smart thermostats.

Heartland Heating & Cooling will help you browse the possibilities, so you can choose the perfect solution for your Des Moines home. If you’re interested in how smart vent technology could help you, contact us at 515-344-3579. Our heating and cooling specialists will offer you with the details and help you need, every step of the way.