Designed for the best warmth and energy savings, durable Lennox furnaces in Des Moines, Iowa, are among the most efficient and quiet heating systems available.

With Precise Comfort® control, these furnaces hold temperatures steady and energy costs down, even on the chilliest days.

In fact, they can help you save hundreds of dollars on yearly heating bills. And a few ENERGY STAR® furnaces might qualify you for federal energy tax credits and utility rebates.

SilentComfort™ in select Lennox furnaces helps keep your heating muted —so you feel it, not hear it. Some of these innovations include variable-speed heating and extra insulation to decrease noise as your furnace switches on.

Discover just how comfortable your home could be with a new Lennox furnace by getting in touch with us at 515-344-3579 today.

Lennox furnaces

Five Perks of Furnace Installation

A new heating system affords a lot of strong points for your home, like:

  1. Better energy efficiency that can help you save more on energy expenses, especially when you choose an ENERGY STAR® model.
  2. Complimentary with smart thermostats, which regulate heating to your loved ones’ schedule to help save money.
  3. State-of-the art programming like variable-speed heating, that supplies soft heat to your living space while conserving energy.
  4. Confidence your furnace will run properly throughout the coldest time of the year without needing emergency service.
  5. Pleasure in understanding that your new heater has progressive technology that helps take care of your loved ones.

We Offer the Right Furnace for Your House

Ready to get started improving your home warmth? Whether you need a variable-capacity gas furnace, two-stage gas furnace or oil furnace, our professionals will assist you to find the correct furnace replacement for your requirements and budget.

  • HVC Offer Details

    Receive up to $1,700 in rebates OR make no payments, incur no interest for 12 months when financing a new Lennox system**